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Vobster Quay BA3 5SD

Our Stand Up Paddleboarding school based at Vobster Quay is located on the lakeside. With crystal clear waters it makes it an ideal place to learn SUP and we also have improver and race sessions for those who get the bug!

More information about the Quarry itself can be found on their website: Vobster Quay

Please arrive about 20-40 mins for early morning sessions or 20 minutes for afternoon sessions before your session start time so we can sign you in, get you ready and on the water on time. This is due to the amount of divers queuing up to get on site in the morning.

If special arrangements are needed, please let us know in advance and we will take reasonable steps to assist.​

On arrival please head to the main reception where you can sign in and receive your wrist band. The staff there will then send you to us.

On site there changing rooms available for both Men and Women. The changing rooms are cleaned regularly. The toilets are by the entrance on the way into the quarry. 

Do you allow alcohol?

We do not allow alcohol on site until after the activity. We will not allow anyone to participate if they are under the influence as this is dangerous and a health and safety risk. 

Do you have food on site?

Vobster Quay has a food van, which serves basic hot food and drinks. Please be sure to wash your hands before consuming any food on site. 

Is parking available? 

Yes, there is plenty of free parking.

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