COVID-19 Protocol

Last update:26.06.2020

For more information, please click on the link below for the Government guidelines Covid-19.

All our instructors are first aid trained. If any incident occurs and is life threatening, we will step in to preserve life until help arrives.

Please note: If you or any of your household is feeling ill, or have signs of Covid symptoms. Please do not attend the session. Call us immediately and we will reschedule you to a later date.

While UK Active Outdoors Ltd are doing everything we can to minimise the spread of Covid-19 at our outdoor centre, there is always a risk of contracting it during your session. By participating and signing the disclaimer, you acknowledge that the risk is still present and agree to not hold the company accountable.

Our procedures will always keep updating during these unprecedented times. Please show some patience to our staff as we do our best to adapt our sessions.


Beginners session (Same household group and groups up to 6 different people)
Hire – groups of 6 and individuals


Please note: Changing rooms and toilets are closed to the public. (They will be notified of this before arrival and can prepare)

  • People will change prior to arriving.

  • Online disclaimers will be signed already online. 

  • Accessing the site: Please new NEW ROUTE below.

  • Changing will be done in their allotted parking area. 

  • Walk up to the marked area to receive a briefing and kit. The walk is about 300 metres in an open field. Please follow signs into the park. Pre-booked sessions only. You will be turned away if you do not have a booking with us.

  • Car keys, we will ask to spray your hands with our surgical spirit (90% alcohol) and you will place your car keys into a clear box. That box will be placed in our unit, locked away until after your session.

  • The instructor will show them to their kit and make sure they are prepared from the 2 metre guidance. 

  • Once on the water the customers will be asked to keep clear of others. 

  • Once leaving the water, the kit will be put in the used area for cleaning down and the customers will go back to their allocated parking area to change. 

  • Leaving the park, they will get back on to the shopping route and head out. 



Avon Valley toilet facilities are closed to the public

Groups will be staggered to avoid meeting others as they arrive and are getting on the water. 


Staff Protection:

Surgical spray and PPE will be used by all our instructors onsite where needed. 


End of the session:
Please remove any rubbish you brought and take it way with you.
Ensure you abide to social distancing guidelines as you exit at allocated exit point.
We will sterilize using surgical spray (80%) and/ or Disinfectant fluid and give a good wipe down of any equipment.

As things progress, this will change and evolve to fit with guidance from BSUPA and the government. 

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