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Frequently Ask Questions


All sessions are prepaid before arriving. If booking as a stag, Hen Do or private party, we will accept a deposit as we understand it can be difficult to collect money from other people.   Any balance must be made before your session.  We accept cash and debit and credit card payments.


If you have a voucher, please request a booking and you will need to receive a secondary confirmation email via for us to confirm and secure your booking. When requesting a booking using a voucher, please provide your security code or voucher code, Voucher number.


What happens if I do not receive a response, confirmation email from you?

Sometimes our emails or confirmation emails can end up in your junk /spam folder of your inbox. Our response times are between 1-3 days depending on the time of the week. Please check your junk / spam folder first. If you still don’t see anything, please drop us another email to


How long do our sessions last?

Our sessions last between 90 minutes up to 2.5 hours depending on the chosen activities.


If you have chosen the package deal, you would be on site for up to 4-5 hours.


Do you sell any food or drinks on site?

Avon Valley Farm: We sell hot and cold drinks on site and some snacks (chocolate bars)


Vobster Quays: They sell hot and cold food and drinks at their mobile food van.

What to expect upon arrival?

You will be required to arrive early and park up and head to reception. Please read your confirmation email for more information on how to find us and ensuring you are travelling to the correct location (Avon Valley – Land and Watersports or Vobster Quays – Only Stand Up Paddleboarding).


All disclaimers and waivers will be done online, unless you have contacted us to keep certain parties as a surprise. They can then sign on site.


Once everyone has arrived, our instructor check if you have signed your disclaimer. Once this has been checked off, they will take you to your activity, prep you and go through our safety briefing before allowing you to participate in your chosen activity where you will learn to shoot, throwing or paddle in a safe environment, have fun and take on various challenges.


What do we supply on the day?

Land Sports: We provide all the equipment necessary for you to take part in your chosen activities, from bows, arrows, throwing tools, air rifles, pellets, safe arrows, foam swords and PPE (safety glasses, masks, armour).


Watersports: We provide clean wetsuits (optional on the day), paddles, PFD / Buoyancy aids, Boards, Kayaks and/ or Canoes.

What should I wear? 

Land sports:

Please wear footwear suitable for the outdoors, you may get muddy.  Wear something comfortable and loose enough to allow for a full range of movement. Something you do not mind getting dirty.


Please do not wear anything you could lose during the session e.g., rings, earrings, expensive watches etc.


Strong footwear like boots, walking boots, outdoor trainers are advisable. Dress for the conditions. 


If you are participating in our combat activities, please consider wearing contact lenses (if you have them) or let us know on the day to receive our full head masks.



Please wear footwear suitable for the outdoors for arrival and wetsuits boots, water shoes or old trainers for the activity. 


Wear something comfortable, we have wetsuits available if needed, but if you have your own bring it as it would fit better.


Please do not wear anything you could lose during the session e.g. rings, earrings, expensive watches, etc. 


All our participants must wear a PFD / Buoyancy Aid at all times!


If you wear glasses, please bring your spare or a neoprene glasses strap.


Who can participate?

From 8 years old to 100 years old. A parent or guardian must remain on site and in proximity during their session for all children. 


We also accept people of all ages and abilities and if you require additional support, please contact us first and we can see if we can tailor a session for you?


If you're with a scout group, please contact us first. We will be sending through our PDF on what we offer to all the scout leaders at the start of every year. 


Accessibility Land Sports

Our land sports area is on a flat grassy area of land with plenty of wood chipped areas. We have a number of shelters on site which have wheelchair access and disabled parking next to them. 


We are able to accommodate a range of disabilities, but if special arrangements are necessary, please let us know in advance and we will take steps to assist.

Accessibility Water Sports

Avon Valley Farm: We have reasonable access down to the river, but this is not currently wheelchair friendly. Our access is currently a flight of steps down a grassy hill, across a grassy pitch about 50 metres) and then down our private slipway onto the River Avon.


We have made the slipway as safe as we can for access and are always there to assist. If you have any concerns about this, please feel free to contact us. 


Spectators are welcome onsite but must follow our safety rules for the benefit of all. All children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult onsite and supervised. A parent or guardian must remain on site with all under 17‘s taking part in activities. Spectators will not be able to follow the participants along the river bank as its too overgrown to do so. 

Do you allow alcohol?

We will not allow anyone to participate if they are under the influence of alcohol as this is dangerous and a health and safety risk. However, alcohol is fine after the activity and is also available on site.


BBQ facilities

We have a BBQ area for private group bookings only (stag, Hen parties, birthday groups and corporate). Please contact us to reserve this area.  You will need to provide your own food and charcoal. If you do use our BBQ area, please tidy up after yourselves. Thank you.



We have a 2-day cancellation policy.  

We reserve the right to cancel the session due to inclement weather, however conditions would have to be pretty extreme for this to happen.

If using vouchers, we will only reschedule the session if we have been given advance warning of up to 48 hours, unless the voucher has not been redeemed or is past its expiry date. If cancelled on the day, I'm afraid you will lose your activity slot.

Medical Declaration / Health and Safety

Any person having any session with UK Active Outdoors Ltd must be medically fit to participate in the activity. If you have any medical condition(s), physically or take medication that may affect you in the activity, you must inform us before booking the session or consult your GP.



Yes, there are toilet(s) on site.


Our Changing Room Facilities (Watersports):

Avon Valley Farm: Our school is located on the other side of Avon Valley Farm. On site, we have a large changing rooms available for both Men and Women. The changing rooms are cleaned regularly. They are also locked during your session so your valuables are safe. We do not have showers on site, so please bring a spare change of clothes.

​Vobster Quays: Our school inside Vobster Quay is located on the side of the lake by the main building. On site, there is a large changing room available for both Men and Women. The changing rooms are cleaned regularly and there are showers on site.

Is parking available? 

Yes, there is plenty of free parking on site as well as a number of disabled parking areas for easier access. Should we require more than 30 cars on site, we do have an overflow carpark.


Weather Conditions

We will contact you in case of adverse weather or inadequate conditions – once a session is booked, presume it will go ahead unless we contact you.


Adverse weather means, thunderstorms, Gail force winds, freezing cold conditions, a downpour of heavy rain. All other conditions including light rain, we will proceed as normal. 


We have a number of shelters on site for Archery, Temporary Throwing zone, Indoor Caving and Air Rifles so these activities will continue through most conditions.


Photography and Video(s) 

Photo(s) and/or video(s) will be taken on the day (free of charge) unless specified otherwise. Any photo or video will be placed on Facebook or Twitter to help promote Adventure SUP as well as share between the participants.


Please let us know if this is a problem. We will always do our best to respect your wishes.

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