Vobster Quay T&C Registration Form




If you use this code and are not booked in for our activity, then we will have to ask you to leave the site as only people with allocated wrist bands are allowed on site.


Our instructors and Vobster staff will have a register of all the participant's booked in for the day. 

Please get all adult members participating in our activity to log onto app.vobster.com,  Unfortunately, we are reducing the number of spectators on site as the site has limited capacity. Please contact us first and let's see what we can do. Thank you for your patience.

This process needs to be completed by each attending adult before arriving at Vobster Quay. This means that we can see you are registered with Vobster Quay and we will be expecting you for your session. As Vobster is the main venue, their company policies are different from Adventure SUP.

(Please note that the site will be very busy with Divers, Freedivers, Swimmers, and Stand Up Paddleboarders. Thank you).

Please follow and complete these FIVE steps:

  1. Please go onto app.vobster.com and click the Register Button.

  2. Enter your individual email addresses and submit.

  3. You will receive an email from Vobster. Put the emailed PIN into the system and enter all your details. 

  4. In a drop-down box in the form, please select ‘SUP trainee’. This means that Vobster will be able to allocate correct band types and make sure trainees are not charged for their entry. Please note: For FAMILY sessions only, please just add your children's name(s) into the First Name of the registration form along with your name, so that it will register with Vobster's system. - See image below.

  5. Once the form is completed, please select the 'Group Code' option from the top menu tab (Top right - the three lines in a box), then enter the group code to confirm your attendance. (Please Copy and Paste the correct code for your scheduled date shown below).

Please Copy and Paste the correct code for your scheduled date.

Each code is unique, so if you input the incorrect code, you will not be registered on the correct day.



Sat 10 April 2021

Group code:


Sun 11 April 2021 

Group code:


Sat 17 April 2021

Group code:


Sun 18 April 2021 

Group code:


Sat 24 April 2021

Group code:


Sun 25 April 2021

Group code:


Sat 01 May 2021

Group code:


Sun 02 May 2021

Group code:


Sat 08 May 2021

Group code:


Sun 09 May 2021

Group code:


Sat 15 May 2021

Group code:


Sun 16 May 2021 

Group code:


Sat 22 May 2021

Group code:


Sun 23 May 2021

Group code:


Sat 29 May 2021

Group code:


These codes get updated every 30 days if you booked in past this month, please be patient and wait for the update.

If you need any help, please call Vobster on 01373 814666. We are here to help, but please remember that if you don’t register with Vobster, you will not be able to join your SUP session.

When you get to Vobster, please park in the upper swimmer car park and walk down to reception in the shop. Vobster staff will be pleased to sign you in and direct you along to the Adventure SUP staff. You’ll be given a pink wristband with a number that will enable you to order food and drink while at Vobster. Please pay for this in the shop before you leave.

Please remember – our changing rooms are shut, but our toilets are open. We have a limited capacity on site – please do not bring additional spectators, family members or dogs as we must limit the number of people on site - We apologies for any inconvenience.

We apologies for any inconvenience as the site becomes 100% paperless starting 03/07/2020 as well as following strict Covid-19 health and safety rules and procedures to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.